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Journal Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae came into existence in 1994. It is edited and published by a committee of distinguished faculty recruited from leading Polish universities, the title owner and publisher is the Faculty of History University of Warsaw and it is based at the University of Warsaw. The journal appears once a year, in winter. It contains articles pertaining to the Middle Ages at its broadest, by scholars spanning the full range of relevant disciplines: historians, archaeologists, art historians, and numismatists, among others.

Our goal is to present to the readers the latest results of research on the history of Europe between the seventh and the fifteenth centuries, open to all work, but with special attention to the region of the Continent situated beyond the eastern and southeastern boundary of the Carolingian Empire. The journal is published in “congressional” languages – English, French, and German – so as to facilitate the widest possible exchange between communities of medievalists active in Poland and East Central Europe with their colleagues worldwide.

Each volume is devoted to a chosen central theme, but care is always taken to include results of current, particularly interesting research, regardless of this thematic arrangement. This is accomplished through a section of articles, titled “Current Research”. A closing section, “Book Notices”, contains short reviews, in each volume, of new books on the medieval period published in Poland and throughout Europe and North America.

Journal accepted in the ERIH PLUS list, it is also indexed in Central and Eastern European Online and EBSCO databases.

ISSN: 1427-4418 / e-ISSN: 2720-5614