Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae, vol. 16 (2011), pp. 480

Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae, 16, 2011

Central theme: Frontiers and Borderlands

Editorial Board: Wojciech Fałkowski (Editor in chief), Marek Derwich, Tomasz Jasiński, Krzysztof Ożóg, Andrzej Radzimiński, Agnieszka Tomas (Assistant Editor), Marek Konopka (Assistant Editor)

ISSN: 1427-4418


Publisher: Towarzystwo Naukowe “Societas Vistulana”

Table of contents:

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Frontiers and Borderlands
1. Andrzej Janeczek, Frontiers and Borderlands in Medieval Europe. Introductory Remarks  5
2. Florin Curta, Linear Frontiers in the 9th Century: Bulgaria and Wessex  15
3. Wojciech Fałkowski, Old Tribal Customs and Frankish Rituals in the Chronicle of Dudo of Saint Quentin  33
4. Geneviève Bührer-Thierry, Des évêques sur la frontière: christianisation et sociétés de frontière sur les marches du monde germanique aux Xe-XIe siècle  61
5. Pascal Buresi, The Appearance of the Frontier Concept in the Iberian Peninsula: At the Crossroads of Local, National and Pontifical Strategies (11th-13th Centuries)  81
6. James Muldoon, From Frontiers to Borders: The Medieval Papacy and the Conversion of Those along the Frontiers of Christendom  101
7. Carsten Selch Jensen, Gods War. War and Christianisation on the Baltic Frontier in the Early 13th Century  123
8. Marian Rębkowski, Boundary of a Town and Boundaries in a Town. Spatial Divisions of Chartered Towns in Thirteenth-Century Pomerania in the Light of Archaeological Sources  149
9.  Nora Berend, The Medieval Imagery of Frontiers in Hungary  171
10.  Yurii Zazuliak, The Frontier Society, Violence and the Crisis of Public Order in the Fifteenth-Century Kingdom of Poland (The Case of Red Ruthenia)  179
11.  Stefan Rohdewald, Kyrill und Method, Kliment und Heilige in der neuen “Zarenstadt” Tărnovo: (Trans-)Kulturelle Praktiken der Heiligenverehrung im Wandel von der slawisch-byzantinischen zur slawisch-osmanischen Kontaktzone  203
12.  Andrzej Janeczek, Towns on the Frontier – The Frontier in Towns. Multiethnic Urban Communities in Red Ruthenia in Late Middle Ages  235
13.   Sergej P. Karpov, Enforced Councilor: Franceschino Bon in Venetian Tana, 1342-1343  265
 Current Research
14. Hervé Oudart, Le partage du manteau, prélude à la béatitude de Martin et à sa “participation” au Christ: étude critique du récit de Sulpice Sévère (IVe siècle) et de ses deux premières déclinaisons poétiques (Ve-VIe siècles)  271
15.   Jehangir Y. Malegam, Love between Peace and Violence: Not a Crisis but a Critique of Fidelity after 1000  321
16.  Tomasz Jasiński, Gall Anonim’s Precursors  337
17.  Tomisław Giergiel, Jan Ptak, The Newly-Discovered Heraldic Frieze from the Reign of Władysław Jagiełło  365
18.  Jacek Laberschek, Anfänge und territoriale Entwicklung der Krakauer Agglomeration im 13.-14. Jahrhundert  385
19.  Piotr Szukiel, The First Polish Cantatorium. An Unknown Codex for the Chanter of the Collegiate Church in Łask Funded by Archbishop Jan Łaski (ca. 1520)  411
In Memoriam
20.  Jadwiga Krzyżaniakowa (1930-2010)421  421
21.  Andrzej Tomaszewski (1934-2010)  427
22.  Lux et laus Medal for the fifth time  433
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